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The Things To See And Do In Adelaide As A Tourist

“The capital of South Australia, and the fifth largest city in the country” is often how Adelaide is summed up by most descriptions. It should give most tourists an idea that there is a lot to see here, and also that is one of the more important cities of the country. If you are visiting Australia for the first time, and are wondering whether to include the southern state in your visits, by all means, stop by Adelaide and head on over to other iconic destinations such as the Great Ocean Road, one of the most famous heritage sites the state has to offer. That being said, what exactly should you do or see in Adelaide? Find out below!

Start with the iconic buildings – if you want to properly feel Adelaide’s culture, your very first stops on this day trip should be to the most iconic buildings in the city. Most of these buildings can be seen if you head on over to the North Terrace, one of the four terraces of the city’s business district. Lined by beautifully maintained boulevards and historical architecture, the area has to offer beautiful sights such as the Parliament House and the Mitchell Building (located within the city’s university), one of the finest examples of gothic architecture.

Head over to museums and galleries – moving on, you can learn about history and art by visiting the many museums, art galleries and libraries that Adelaide has to offer. Small group tours Adelaide for history enthusiasts and art enthusiasts will likely revolve around these spots more. For example, the Art Gallery of South Australia has artefacts and art from the Renaissance Era of Europe and the South Australian Museum has many collections not just of Australian origin, but also from the South Pacific islets and even as far as Egypt.

Make your way through parks – there are plenty of parks in Adelaide, and you can see endemic flora and fauna native to the country and the state here. The Adelaide Botanic Garden, which you can also visit on your visit through the North Terrace, offers many species of endemic plants, as well as medicinal herb varieties. Following your visit to the botanical gardens, you can also visit the Adelaide Zoo, where you can meet friendly animals, and children will also get a chance to play with the more docile animals in its petting zoos.

End the visit with the popular tourist spots – and finally, you can end your stay in Adelaide by visiting the famous squares, town markets and the like that the city has to offer. Most important here is the Adelaide Central Market, one of the oldest edifices of the city, which to this date still offers plenty of fresh produce year round.